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08 Jun 12. Improving your seat in canter

In our last Article (no 11, Following your horse’s movement), we talked about the need to ensure you are in harmony with your horse in all paces to enable the best performance from both rider and horse. One of the challenges many riders face is the development of a good seat in canter, especially on a bouncy horse, but there are ways to improve your position and avoid bouncing around which not only makes you unstable but is also uncomfortable for your horse, preventing it from concentrating fully on any aids you may be giving (see Article 9, Relaxation). As we have discussed before (Article 10, Balance revisited), balance is the key to a secure seat, a prerequisite for being able to sit well to the canter. Also important is the ability to follow your horse’s movement (see Article 11, Following your horse’s movement), so that your hips swing in rhythm...

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