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09 Jun 12. Improving your seat in canter

In Article no 10 (Improving your balance) we discussed various exercises that can help to develop a more secure seat, including riding without stirrups and/or reins. One exercise that is particularly useful in canter is lifting your legs away from your horse’s side which, if done correctly, requires you to relax your hip and thigh muscles, helping to unlock your hips. Developing a secure and correct seat in canter may take some time but, once achieved, will be much appreciated by your horse, and one of the best ways to practise is on the EQUICISE which allows you to focus on your own position without having to worry about any reaction from your horse. Riders who struggle with sitting correctly in the saddle at canter are often unable to maintain the pace for very long, making it harder to improve but on the EQUICISE, you can canter for as long...

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