Horse riding simulator lessons for beginners and advanced riders
Equicise features lessons on our fully interactive horse simulator located at Wimbledon Village Stables, London. Excellent for beginners & advanced alike.
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What is the EQUICISE simulator?

  • It is a life sized, state of the art dressage simulator manufactured by Racewood Equestrian simulators
  • It moves in three gaits – walk, trot and canter and in two different tempis
  • It is fully interactive and responds to leg, seat and rein aids
  • And has six different Training Programmes which include dressage test practice
  • Dressage movements include:  leg yield, half pass, shoulder in, canter pirouettes, piaffe, passage, flying change
  • It generates computerised feedback with printout of rider performance
  • And has a large interactive screen and mirrors for instant visual feedback
  • Located in a luxury studio providing a relaxed and private training environment.
  • With training from BHS qualified and experienced instructors

How does the EQUICISE Simulator Work?

Rein Sensors
These are connected to the horse’s mouth and measure tension through each rein independently. This information is displayed on the screen allowing you to achieve a soft, balanced contact.
Leg Sensors
Three leg sensors are located on the left and right sides of the simulator’s lower torso. The simulator will only respond if you apply the aids correctly thus enabling you to appreciate the skill of riding a highly schooled horse.
The sensors all generate information that is illustrated on the screen providing the rider with instant feedback. This allows you to evaluate the results and make the changes necessary to fine-tune your skills.
Saddle Sensors
The seat sensors sit directly under the saddle and show how the centre of gravity and alignment of the rider changes during movement.  When you are a balanced rider you will achieve true harmony with your horse.
Head and Neck Sensors
These measure the amount of bend in the horse’s neck.  THey can show if the rider has got the correct amount of neck flexion that is required when you are performing the certain movements.
The Simulator moves laterally and vertically, providing the rider with a realistic feel of walking, trotting and cantering. The different tempis in each gait allow the rider to develop depth in their seat and improve stability and security in the saddle.


A choice of 6 Equicise programmes

Arena Training
This allows riders who aren’t familiar with arena the practise movements and tests and also play play back and review sessions afterwards.
Open fields
If your aim is just to enjoy riding out or improve your fitness then riding through the open fields is the programme for you.  The sound of the hoof beats and birds chirping will only help you feel more relaxed enjoy your ride.
Dressage practise
The EQUICISE simulator allows riders to practise riding dressage movements or tests in either a 20 x 40 metre arena or a 20 x 60 metre arena. If you have a competition coming up this is a great way to learn your test.
Dressage Tests
As well as basic ground work, the Dressage Simulator allows riders to practise a number of pre-programmed tests or practice on their own. Each test is recorded and can be played back afterwards for further analysis.
Auto Training
The auto-training routine is a firm favourite with instructors as it provides a meaningful and repeatable assessment of rider balance, rein contact and leg pressure through the paces. Using either the 1 or 2 minute test, it is excellent for assessing the riders performance. The results can be printed off afterwards for further evaluation and demonstration of progress.
Instruction Screen
The most popular programme for most people.  Balance and position in the saddle is displayed on screen – this allows the instructor to analyse and assess what a rider is doing, using information also collected from the rein and leg sensors. Our highly skilled instructors will then provide exercises based upon the feedback generated by the simulator.


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Who is the EQUICISE Simulator For?


The EQUICISE Simulator is suitable for all riders – whether you are an accomplished competition rider or a complete beginner. It is an excellent way for new riders to develop their skills whilst building confidence in a more controlled environment. Perhaps you are a nervous rider or are coming back to riding after a fall, the EQUICISE Simulator can help you build your confidence and regain riding fitness. The simulator does not buck, spook or rear and therefore, provides a safe and steady feel.  If you are looking to improve your fitness, there are numerous exercises on the EQUICISE Simulator which you can do in order to improve your fitness – without having to think about the horse underneath you! For more experienced riders, the EQUICISE Simulator can be used to improve position, balance and timing in more complex lateral movements allowing you to focus 100% on you, without thinking about training the horse too.


Is the EQUICISE Simulator actually like a real horse?


Absolutely! The EQUICISE Simulator moves in 3 gaits – walk, trot and canter – just like a real horse! The simulator has the ability to bend and flex through the neck and responds to aids given through your leg, seat and hands. Unlike a real horse however, the EQUICISE Simulator will respond to the exact aids given. Sometimes horses may be misunderstand, ignore or anticipate our aids, so using the EQUICISE Simulator allows you to practice the correct aids without having to focus on the horse too!


How many sessions will I need to improve?


The instant feedback provided on the EQUICISE Simulator allows riders to improve quickly. Alongside this, our qualified instructors are able to provide relevant exercises to accelerate learning. Depending on your goal, a significant improvement can usually be seen in 3-5 lessons. For riders looking to learn new movements such as leg-yield and shoulder-in the EQUICISE Simulator provides a ‘shortcut’ to the correct way of going, We also find that riders, both beginners and experienced riders, like to have regular practice sessions to maintain fitness and continue improvements.


Can I transfer my new skills from the EQUICISE Simulator to riding a real horse?


Of course! Everything that is learned on the EQUICISE Simulator will be transferrable as muscle memory is developed during the sessions. When on a real horse, riders are then able to perform aids more instinctively rather than actively thinking about what to do, when. For the accomplished rider, it gives the opportunity to develop without having to train the horse at the same time.


I’m an experienced dressage rider who competes regularly,  why should I try the Simulator?


The Simulator can benefit all levels of rider, it offers a bespoke programme of training which is tailored to each individual’s needs.  All riders can develop unwanted habits, often that they are unaware of. The Simulator highlights the rider’s positional faults using sophisticated sensors and will only respond to clear aids therefore ensuring that the more experienced rider irons out any inaccuracies.  It also gives you the chance to practice advanced movements such as passage, piaffe or flying changes using intense repetition which would not be possible on a real horse.


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