Equicise - Horse riding simulator lessons, beginners-advanced. London
EQUICISE is an effective and safe way to see incredible changes in your riding performance. Horse simulator lessons for all levels of rider from beginner to advanced dressage. Wimbledon, London
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EQUICISE  is a breakthrough training concept for horse riders of all abilities, ages and aspirations. The idea is simple -  the more you are able to develop your technique and fitness out of the saddle then the better you will ride.  Become a Member and make EQUICISE part of your weekly routine, see how your riding improves and your energy levels increase along with your sense of wellbeing.  We look forward to welcoming you to Wimbledon Village Stables the home of EQUICISE, a friendly and unique award winning Riding School less than 8 miles from Central London.

Carol Andrews, Wimbledon Village Stables, London

Carol Andrews - Owner


Since opening in 1980, Wimbledon Village Stables  has gone from strength to strength and over the years we have won many prestigious awards.   Our recipe is simple: we have an outstanding team of instructors, fantastic horses and great riding.  I very much appreciate the loyalty of our members and clients who ride with us regularly and I have also always been very proud of our excellent global reputation – we have riders from all over the world who visit us whenever they come to London.

I am always looking for ways to enhance the experience for our riders and horses and with this in mind I have developed a revolutionary new concept for equestrians – EQUICISE.  We all know how important it is to keep our horses in peak condition and this is just as important for riders too.  If you keep fit and healthy, you can ride whatever age you are.  Look at show jumper Nick Skelton, winner of a Gold Medal at the age of 58 at the Olympics in Rio in 2016!

EQUICISE is a unique programme of fitness and technical development for horse riders of any standard and also beneficial for non-riders too.  It features individually tailored lessons on our fully interactive simulator together with an extensive range of fitness, yoga and Pilates classes designed with the equestrian in mind.  We can’t promise you will win a gold medal but you will be astonished how EQUICISE will improve your general well being and make your riding even more enjoyable. You'll probably make new friends too!

Please do come along and try Equicise and see for yourself how it will revolutionise your riding, and possibly also your life!

Meet the team
Mojca Usnik

FEI International Level 2 Coach. Successful dressage rider, coach and equine bodyworker, Mojca, rode at Prix St Georges level in her home country Slovenia. She is passionate about riders and horses achieving better harmony and connection.

Mojca Usnik

Equicise Ride
Kate Fourrie

BHSAI Int.SM. Kate gained her SANEF Level 1 in South Africa. She is a keen showjumper who competes regularly. She is a popular coach who always ensures that her riders finish a session with a positive attitude and a big smile!

Kate Fourie

Equicise Ride
Caroline Stevenson

BHSI, BHS Regional Riding & Road Safety Officer and Assistant DC of Wimbledon Pony Club. Caroline, gained her BHSI in her twenties and is an experienced coach who particularly enjoys focusing on developing the well-being of the riders’ mind and body using EQUICISE.

Caroline Stevenson

Equicise Ride
Jennifer Fryer

BHSII. Winner of the ABRS Instructor of the Year, Jennifer is an accomplished horsewoman and experienced competition rider. She is extremely excited about EQUICISE and enjoys helping riders evolve in skill and confidence using this revolutionary training technique.

Jennifer Fryer

Equicise Ride
Nadia Power

BHS PT & STAGE III. Nadia is a dedicated coach who has a talent for helping riders to realise and achieve their goals successfully. She is a great one on one instructor with a warm and friendly approach which makes people instantly feel at ease.

Nadia Power

Equicise Ride
Roberta Bastos

University graduate, Roberta developed a passion for dressage when she began training with one of Brazil’s top coaches. She has a natural teaching ability and is really impressed by how quickly a rider’s position improves after using the Equicise Ride Simulator.

Roberta Bastos

Equicise Ride
Tasha Riddell

Tasha Moore

Equicise Ride
Julie Heapes

BHSAI. Julie not only holds her BHS qualifications but also a National Diploma in Equine Studies. She is an experienced coach expert in giving confidence to new riders and helping them develop their skills using the EQUICISE Simulator.

Julie Heapes

Equicise Ride
Amanda Hall

An avid rider, Amanda is passionate about ensuring her clients receive the individual treatment and management plan that best works for their specific needs. A top scholar graduate in Sport Recreation Coaching, she went on to complete her BHSC in Physiotherapy and a Post Grad in Western Acupuncture and a Masters of Health Practice.

Amanda Hall

Equicise Physio
Alison Craig

BHSII and UKCC Level 3 qualified Accredited British Dressage Coach who judges and rides, Alison teaches pleasure riders up to experienced competition riders. She incorporates the principles of the Alexander Technique in her teaching and riding. Alison focuses on rider position, balance and partnership with the horse.

Alison Craig

Equiposture AT
Sue Merry

Sue is one of the country’s leading Alexander Technique Teachers, she also has a nutrition and diet practice and a healing practice. She has a love of improving a person’s well-being and also uses energy balancing techniques in her work. Sue branched into the equine world and has been training riders and their horses in the principles of EquiPosture since 1994.

Sue Merry

Equiposture AT
Ealing Trailfinders H&S Squad and Promo

As a professional rugby player mikes passion is strength and conditioning. Incorporating different training techniques he aims at improving body mechanics. He also offers nutrition consultations.

Mike Macfarlane

Equicise Fitness

Horse Simulator lessons

Our life sized dressage simulator, situated in the comfort of our luxury studio, allows you to learn with no external distractions and no need to worry about the weather either!  With several different programs to choose from the EQUICISE Simulator’s advanced sensors and state of the art features include the ability to produce computerised prints outs which enable us to track your progress. Our EQUICISE Instructors are all experienced, qualified horse riding teachers who have undergone extensive training on the Simulator. Come and see for yourself how the Simulator improves your core stability, balance and co-ordination whilst developing fitness and burning calories!   EQUICISE can help make you  the rider you want to be!


The Dressage Simulator is a fantastic training aid for horse riders of all levels from happy hacker to experienced competitor. Dressage enthusiasts can even ride movements such as piaffe, half pass and flying change and ride dressage tests too. And no matter how many times you practice this horse will never say no!


The Simulator is invaluable for introducing people to horse riding.  You can gain confidence and develop your skills within a safe and controlled environment with a personal EQUICISE instructor at your side. When you get on a horse for the first time you will look like you have been riding all your life!

Back to the saddle

The Simulator is perfect for those returning to riding after a break and wanting to regain their riding fitness. Your EQUICISE instructor will ensure you progress at your own pace and with correct training enable you to redevelop specific muscle groups without putting unnecessary strain on other parts of the body.

30 min Private Lessons Tues-Sun.  Group lessons by arrangement.  EQUICISE Simulator Members are able to use the Simulator for personal practice sessions and "Hop on" sessions when available.

BOOK NOW or call 020 8946 8579

For today please call 020 8946 8579



30 minute sessions

First Lesson Special Offer £39* (online booking only not valid for gift vouchers)

Private Lesson £50

3 Lesson Pack £135

5 Lesson Pack £200

Longer sessions and group sessions are available by arrangement


Become an EQUICISE Member –  have fun, improve your fitness and become a better rider!

Enjoy priority booking, reduced prices, personal practice on the Simulator, use of the Fitness Studio and even the opportunity to ‘Hop On’ the Simulator when it is not in use (see individual memberships for details).  Of course there is also an abundance of social events and free talks that you can enjoy with your new fitness friends and the opportunity to see our beautiful horses every time you come to exercise!

Includes the following every month:

One 30 minute Private Simulator Lesson

Four 15 minute Members' Practice sessions

'Hop-on' sessions (one 10 minute session) per day

Use of Fitness Studio.and equipment when available

£100 pcm

*Simulator Members pay for additional 30 min Private Lessons £36, 20 min Practice Sessions £15



  • Entitles you each month to one 30 minute Private Simulator Lesson, three 20 minute Members’ Simulator Practice Sessions, 'Hop On' Sessions (one per day) and use of the EQUICISE FITNESS STUDIO and equipment for private practice when available.
  • EQUICISE SIMULATOR MEMBERS can purchase additional 30 minute Private Simulator Lessons for £36.00 and 20 minute Members' Simulator Practice sessions for £15.00.
  • All bookings for 30 minute Private Lessons and 20 minute Members’ Practice sessions are made on-line.   'Hop On' sessions, which can run for up to 10 minutes between 07.30 and 16.00, Tuesday-Sunday, are booked on the day at the Stables, subject to availability, maximum of one per day.

For All Members

  • The EQUICISE Studio and its equipment can be used by all members for personal fitness practice when available between 8:30 and 3:30, Tuesday to Sunday.
  • All MEMBERSHIPS are allocated to the individual and cannot be transferred to another person
  • EQUICISE MEMBERS must cancel reservations on-line at least 24 hours in advance of the scheduled time. Failing to cancel in time or failing to turn up will result in the session being charged as if it had been taken.


Full Terms and Conditions are on our Booking Site

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Whether you want to learn or just have fun,  there is always something happening at Equicise and Wimbledon Village Stables.  We organise a full programme of events which include workshops, (many of which are free for Members), riding courses, dressage competitions as well as some fun social events, which include our Charity Ball, pub quiz, visits to horse shows, barbeques and more.  Take a look at what we offer and come along and join us!


The events are updated regularly on Wimbledon Village Stables website and on we regularly post on our Facebook pages: Equicise  and Wimbledon Village Stables.


Wimbledon Village Stables

Exceptional horse riding in London

Wimbledon Village Stables, the home of EQUICISE,  is a multi-award winning, friendly riding school and livery stables in London.  We offer riders of all abilities the opportunity to escape the city and embark on an equestrian adventure that we know you will want to return to time and time again. We guarantee our riders a very special experience – combining well-schooled, well-loved, fit and happy horses; a team of experienced and professionally qualified riding instructors; and the finest horseback riding in London, thanks to the stunning countryside and wildlife of Wimbledon Common and Richmond Park.

Wimbledon Village Stables Members can enjoy discounted riding,  priority booking,  a full and exciting programme of social and educational events and the opportunity to use the horse simulator every day by becoming an EQUICISE Simulator Member.

For more information and to book a ride see the Wimbledon Village Stables website.

Open Tuesday-Sunday between 09.00 and 15.00



At EQUICISE we offer additional services to enhance your fitness and general well being.  Our on-site Physio is able to help get you back to riding fitness if you have been injured.  EquiPosture instructors, using the Alexander technique, can introduce you to a different way of thinking about your riding by teaching you how to release yourself from unnecessary tensions and habits.   We have personal trainers who can deliver riding-specific EQUICISE Fitness sessions using our unique Equipods, static saddle horses, which have been created specifically for horse riders to exercise on.  Yoga and Pilates Personal Training sessions are also available in our well equipped Fitness Studio.

If you have good flexibility, balance and strength you are guaranteed to be a more effective, secure and sensitive rider which any horse you ride will appreciate and respond to. What’s more you will notice that as you get you fitter your energy levels will increase and consequently you will feel great too!


A specially adapted Pilates course to address the elements of horse riding as well as everyday strength, flexibility and posture. Benefit from a free one to one goal setting and medical screening for 15 minutes with Amanda before commencement of the 6 week programme to ensure your expectations and goals of the course are met. The courses are usually on Thursday evenings, last 6 weeks, and the cost is £120. E-mail Amanda on hall-amanda@hotmail.com to book for the next course!


Yoga can benefit equestrians both physically and mentally. It improves flexibility and suppleness and helps the rider to centre and balance, whilst increasing core strength and stability. It develops concentration and focus, cultivating body awareness and teaching the rider how to relax. The courses are on Tuesdays and last 4 weeks, next one starting on June 20th at 7:30pm at the cost of £60. To book, please contact Annette Wiik on 07789 175 481 or annettews@hotmail.com


Using the principles of Alexander Technique on the Simulator develops your position in the saddle whilst in motion. With expert hands-on guidance, the rider develops effortless elegance in the saddle, whilst absorbing the horse's movement fluently. For more information, visit www.equiposture.co.uk


Physiotherapy and Pilates can help with all your horse riding and sports related injuries as well as injury prevention programmes and our resident Physio, who is also trained in a acupuncture (dry needling), is on hand to help. For more information and to book, visit www.amandahallphysio.com


Throughout the week our Fitness Instructors are on hand to deliver a variety of Private Training Sessions at various times during the day.  You can choose from one of the specially designed EQUICISE FITNESS routines, EquiForm/EquiFit/EquiPro, Equestrian Pilates, Vinyasa Flow Yoga or Yin Yoga.

60 minute class sessions available 7 days a week including some weekday evenings. Personal training available by appointment. PLEASE EMAIL TO REGISTER YOUR INTEREST

Frequently Asked Questions

Horse Riding Simulator

What is the difference between the Simulator and a real horse?

The Simulator enables you to concentrate solely on your riding technique without having to control the natural reactions of a real horse.  It gives you the opportunity to work on your accuracy in the saddle with the Simulator’s advanced sensor system giving instant feedback on how you have performed.  The Simulator will only respond to your directions if your aids are clear and correct, whereas horses often generously offer transitions/responses even when riders are not as clear/balanced as they should be. The Simulator gives perspective on the importance of accuracy and will improve the rider’s balance in the saddle, thereby improving your riding technique when on a horse, enabling you to get more out of your riding.

I have never ridden a horse before and I am really nervous, will the Simulator help me?
The Simulator is a great way to prepare you for riding a horse for the first time.  It replicates a horse’s movement and feel very accurately so will help you to learn about balance and how to give direction without having contend with the sometimes unpredictable reactions of a real horse.  When you then ride a horse it will be a much more familiar experience giving you added confidence. You will also have your instructor (with whom you'll have built up a relationship) by your side, leading the horse you're riding which will help to put you at ease.

Why should I ride the Simulator more than once, if I already own a horse?
Improving our riding technique with the help of the Simulator is not just going to take one session if you are dedicated to ironing out those bad habits! It can be very easy to slip back into our old ways of riding, even more so when we are riding a familiar horse.  The Simulator takes a little while to get used to as it is very sensitive and will not respond to the rider’s aids unless they are correct.  Using the Simulator to improve your technique will really help you to ride your own horse better, improving your partnership.

I ride regularly but often struggle to tell which canter lead I am on, how will the Simulator help?
The Simulator will only make the transition from trot to canter when the rider gives the correct aids.  If the correct aids are not given, then the Simulator will simply continue in trot or perform a different movement.  This need for clear and correct direction will help you to understand the aids for canter and become more and more confident each time the canter transition goes well.  This in turn will give you greater confidence and clarity when asking for canter on a real horse.

Can I practice the same lateral movements on the Simulator as I do in my usual lessons?
Yes, absolutely. The Simulator is an advanced piece of equipment with state of the art sensors that enable you to practise any lateral movements that you would ride in your usual lessons.  The Simulator can perform lateral movements from the lower levels of dressage all the way up to Grand Prix.  You can even request your usual instructor who will give you a breakdown of how to ride each movement correctly without having to think about the reactions of a real horse.

I am an experienced dressage rider who competes regularly, why should I try the Simulator?
The Simulator can benefit all levels of rider as it offers a bespoke programme of training which is tailored to each individual’s needs.  All riders can develop unwanted habits that they may often be unaware of.  The Simulator highlights the rider’s positional faults using sophisticated sensors and will only respond to clear aids therefore ensuring that the more experienced rider irons out any inaccuracies.  It also gives you the chance to practice advanced movements such as passage or piaffe using intense repetition which would not be possible on a real horse.

Can I have my session videoed?
Yes you can either bring along your own video camera or we can put your memory card in ours.

What should I wear?
If you are booked on the Simulator you should wear comfortable, stretchy trousers (breeches or jodhpurs ideally) and riding footwear. Please note that boots should not have zips on the inside. If you usually wear gloves when riding you may like to bring them. Riding hats are optional although some riders find it helpful to get used to the weight of the hat on their head.

Are there group sessions available on the Simulator?
We can take groups of up to four people in a 60 minute slot on the Simulator.  Larger groups can book two consecutive sessions to give you a longer period of time in the Ride Room.  There is also the additional option of using the EQUICISE STUDIO with an EQUICISE Fitness Instructor, enabling large groups to be split and enjoy both the Simulator and Fitness Classes.

Can I bring my baby/child with me?
If you have a lesson on the Simulator you can bring your baby along and park your buggy beside you.  The EQUICISE RIDE Room is warm and secure and you will be able to watch your child while you ride the Simulator!

Can I bring my dog with me?
Yes, well behaved dogs who will stay in the comfy dog pen in the corner of the Room are most welcome if you are using the Simulator.

Can people come and watch?
Yes, if you are having a lesson on the Simulator then friend(s) are very welcome and we provide chairs for them to sit on.

Are there age restrictions?
Children over the age of six years can ride the Simulator and there is no upper age limit!

Is there a weight limit?
We have a weight limit of 95 kg on the Simulator.

Can I ride the Equine Simulator whilst pregnant?
Yes, you can ride the Simulator whilst pregnant, however you must consult your doctor before taking part in any kind of exercise.

Is it suitable for disabled riders?
It depends on the disability.  We do not have disabled toilets and there is a small step into the EQUICISE RIDE room.  The disabled rider would need to be capable of getting onto the horse from a mounting block.

Can I get changed at the stables?
There is space to change in the WC if you are coming straight from work. You can bring your clothes and bags into the EQUICISE Ride Room with you.

Do You Sell Gift Vouchers?
Yes, an Equine Simulator lesson makes a very useful and unusual gift and one sure to be appreciated!  Vouchers can be purchased online.

Can I ride a real horse?
Wimbledon Village Stables has horses to suit all levels of ability.  Please see Wimbledon Village Stables website for further information.

Can I use the Simulator on my own?
If you become an EQUICISE SIMULATOR MEMBER you are entitled to one 30 minute Private Simulator Lesson, three 20 minute Members’ Practice Sessions and optional daily 'Hop On' Sessions per month and use of the Equicise Studio when available.  Please see the Wimbledon Village Stables website for details of becoming a WVS Member.  www.wvstables.com


As a regular rider, why would an EQUICISE Fitness, Yoga or Pilates Class be good for me?

Taking part in any of the EQUICISE STUDIO Classes will increase your body awareness, and improve flexibility, balance, and strength.  In addition to Yoga and Pilates classes we also offer our own unique Pilates inspired EQUICISE Fitness Classes.


EQUICISE Fitness classes combine elements from both Pilates and Yoga, but also from other fitness disciplines including ballet, aerobics, and weight training. Through a series of intelligent exercises EQUICISE targets the problem areas that both riders, and non-riders, often want to improve:  mainly abdominals, spine, and pelvic floor.


Imbalances in the body caused by spinal misalignment, lack of core control and undeveloped muscles contribute to an incorrect riding position creating a poor riding experience. In order to work in harmony with your horse and create a balanced seat, correct posture achieved through a strong pelvic floor, strong core, and strong shoulder girdle, is essential.  We have three options to choose from: EquiForm is well suited to the less energetic, EquiFit offers more of a challenge and our EquiPro class offers a high-intensity workout guaranteed to work-up a sweat!


What should I wear to an EQUICISE STUDIO Class?

We recommend comfortable gym wear with socks and trainers. Trainers will be used for the training on the EquiPods, but the majority of the classes will take place in socks. Socks with a grip on the soles are recommended if possible.


What benefits will I see from my EQUICISE STUDIO Classes?

The Pilates inspired EQUICISE programme is designed to strengthen the superior and inferior muscles and joints around the parts of our bodies we rely on most to ride.


Taking into account that individual results may vary, after sticking to the programme over a period of time you should notice a stronger core, more flexible spine, supple and open hip flexors and a stronger pelvic floor. All of these are conditioned to give the rider the tools needed to create spinal alignment and long lean muscles to provide an enhanced riding experience.

The more you come, the faster you will notice results!


My friend is a non-rider, can she join the classes too?

Of course! In fact we encourage individuals to come along from all different sporting backgrounds. We truly believe our EQUICISE classes benefit everyone in providing increased muscle tone, general health and wellbeing, with the added bonus of being part of a fun, friendly and welcoming community.


Can I have a private lesson?

Yes, we offer private sessions throughout the week.  You can choose from our Fitness Classes (EquiForm, EquiFit and EquiPro) and Yoga and Pilates.


I’m trying to lose weight, would the EQUICISE STUDIO classes be helpful?

Any weight loss journey should be paired with a healthy diet and if you are considering losing significant amounts of weight, please contact your Doctor for more advice.

That said, our EquiPro classes take you to your ‘fat-burning’ zone throughout the class leaving you feeling fantastic!


Can I bring my dog with me?

If you are having a private session then yes, well behaved dogs who will stay in the comfy dog pen in the corner of the EQUICISE STUDIO are most welcome.  Dogs are not allowed in the EQUICISE STUDIO during group sessions.


Can I bring my baby/child with me?

If you are having a private session then yes, you can bring your baby along and park your buggy beside you in the warm and secure EQUICISE STUDIO.  Babies/children are not allowed during group sessions.


Do You Sell Gift Vouchers?

Yes, gift vouchers for Fitness, Pilates and Yoga classes can be bought on-line.


I am coming to Wimbledon Village to EQUICISE, what else is there to do?

Wimbledon Village has a fantastic blend of chic shops, cafes and bars set amongst handsome period buildings and open spaces making it unique in London. You will find it hard to leave!  See the Wimbledon Village website for more information www.wimbledon-village.com


Can I park at the stables?
There is no parking at the stables. There is plenty of pay and display parking bays; the nearest are on the High Street, Lancaster Gardens, Belvedere Avenue, Marryat Road, The Green and The Grange. (Note pay and display on Wimbledon High Street is maximum one hour). The nearest free parking is a short walk across the Common on The Causeway, West Place and Westside Common.


Is it easy to reach by public transport?
Yes, it is very easy. We are only eight miles from Central London and about a 10 minute walk from Wimbledon mainline and underground stations as well as being on bus routes 93, 200 and 493. See Our Location


How can I book and what is your cancellation policy?
All bookings are made on-line via the Mindbody site and prepaid. Reservations for sessions can be cancelled online for no charge up to 24 hours prior to the beginning of the session.  Missed sessions without the appropriate notice will be charged as if attended.


What time should I arrive?

EQUICISE RIDE Sessions start punctually at set times during the day so you should arrive at least 5 minutes before your class is due to start.  Please do not be late as your lesson will finish at the allocated time.

EQUICISE STUDIO CLASSES  Entry 5 minutes past the start time will not be allowed for Health and Safety reasons as you will have missed the important warm up section.


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District Line

Wimbledon Village Stables

24 a/b High Street

Wimbledon Village - London

SW19 5DX

Email:      equiciseltd@gmail.com

Phone:   020 8946 8579