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Horse simulator lessons and fitness classes for horse riders in London. Focus on dressage and leisure riding.
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Author: wvstables

30 May 21. Jumping Position

Every rider who aspires to being good at jumping knows that only by achieving the best possible position will the horse be able to produce its optimum performance in the approach to, over and after each fence.  An unbalanced rider, on the other hand, will not be able to follow the horse's movement over the jumps. You need to be balanced over the centre of the saddle and over your horse's centre of gravity, helped by flexibility in your ankle, knee and hip joints, all of which act as shock absorbers. If you are in the correct position, there will be a straight line from your shoulder, through your elbow and your knee and down towards the ball of your foot. There should be some room between your body and your horse’s withers, with your head centred, looking up and forward.  There are a number of risks to jumping if you...

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29 May 22. Preparing for a horse riding holiday

  Don’t make your holiday horse to do all the work! When you choose to go on a riding holiday, wherever it is, your prime aim is enjoyment, so being fit enough to ride as many hours as required is essential. After all, you must be looking forward to being able to enjoy the riding while admiring the scenery that most of your rides will take you through. The last thing you want is to be gasping for breath or very anxious about staying on if your horse does something unexpected. That said, however fit you are, you may well experience some tired or sore muscles, but you will want to keep any discomfort to a minimum – just a few aches that you can soak away in a hot bath at the end of the day. Your first decision will be ensuring that you choose a riding holiday that suits your level...

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