Benefits of using an equine simulator to learn horse riding & dressage too
All you need to know about EQUICISE'S horse simulator and fitness classes that take place at the Equicise Studio, Wimbledon Village Stables, London.
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Targeted EQUICISE lessons © (30 mins)

Horse riders of all abilities can develop bad habits without realising it. Assessment lessons allow you to identify your weaknesses so you can practise a variety of exercises to help develop and improve your riding. These lessons enable you to concentrate solely on your riding technique without having to worry about the natural reactions of a real horse. Get rid of those unwanted habits, and discover the difference it can make to your riding.
This lesson focuses on the correct application of leg aids whilst riding. Using a variety of different exercises and training techniques on The EQUICISE will help you develop more strength in your legs allowing you to give more precise leg aids. The on screen feedback will show your exact leg position, and effectiveness when applying pressure. Improving your leg use and position will result in a more responsive horse and transitions from one pace to another will be much smoother, enabling you to get the best out of your riding.
Incorrect rein contact can be uncomfortable for the horse and hamper the vital communication between the rider and the horse. Learn how to be confidently in control of your horse whilst riding with a hand position and rein contact that allows the horse to go freely forward. In these lessons, you will ride exercises that teach you to achieve accurate, smooth transitions up and down the paces without negatively interfering with the reins, disrupting your horse’s rhythm. These training sessions will help you to become a more sympathetic and accomplished rider.
Riding with bad posture and a poor seat can not only cause injury to yourself but can negatively affect your horse’s way of going. A tension free, dynamic seat is the foundation for every good rider, it will enable you to sit in a supple position and in balance with the horse in all paces. Riding the EQUICISE will give you the opportunity to analyse your posture in the saddle using real time feedback from the seat sensors. Improving and strengthening your seat and posture will make you a more secure, balanced and effective horse rider.
Lack of confidence in the saddle can prevent you from achieving your riding goals. Learn how to let go of physical and mental tensions that build up when riding. The EQUICISE enables you as a rider to concentrate on your technique and hone your skills as a rider, without any external distractions. Overcoming fears and trying new things in a safe and enjoyable environment will help give you the confidence to do the same on a horse and you will feel the benefits transferred into your day to day life.
In order to work together harmoniously, both horse and rider need good balance. If you are unbalanced in the saddle it will be uncomfortable for the horse and your safety could be compromised. In these lessons, you will enjoy taking on a variety of fun and influential exercises that will improve your balance, strength and confidence in the saddle. Using the EQUICISE helps you to develop the core strength required for maintaining a balanced position when riding. When you become a balanced rider you will not only feel more secure but you will achieve pure harmony with your horse.
If you are unable to use your seat, leg and rein aids in isolation you could give confusing signals to your horse and make riding transitions and lateral work very challenging. The EQUICISE allows you to perform strategic exercises, not possible when riding a real horse, that teach you to target different parts of your body. The benefit of being able to tap into individual body parts, and use them independently, is that you learn to coordinate and control your body and give clear and accurate aids that will make all your riding and particularly lateral work seem effortless.
Problems occur in jumping when a rider isn’t balanced in the saddle which can lead to them supporting themselves with their hands or gripping with their legs. Using the EQUICISE can help develop a strong and stable two point position, maintaining weight over the centre of the saddle and with the hips, knees and ankles relaxed and flexible, without depending on your reins for balance. Strengthening your position will enable you to be much more secure and confident over fences.
A riding holiday can be a once in a lifetime trip for many and your enjoyment of it can be seriously affected if you are not properly prepared or not fit enough.  Lessons on the EQUICISE can be targeted towards preparing you for long hours in the saddle, learning how to ride with a light seat which is essential for prolonged periods at faster paces.  By building up your strength on the EQUICISE you will develop a stronger and safer riding position and your holiday will be much more fun!