Fitness, Yoga, Pilates, Alexander Technique for horse riders. London
Equicise features Fitness Classes alongside Pilates, Yoga and Alexander Technique. Also Personal Training sessions in our studio in Wimbledon Village London
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At EQUICISE we offer additional services to enhance your fitness and general well being.  Our on-site Physio is able to help get you back to riding fitness if you have been injured.  EquiPosture instructors, using the Alexander technique, can introduce you to a different way of thinking about your riding by teaching you how to release yourself from unnecessary tensions and habits.   We have personal trainers who can deliver riding-specific EQUICISE Fitness sessions using our unique Equipods, static saddle horses, which have been created specifically for horse riders to exercise on.  Yoga and Pilates Personal Training sessions are also available in our well equipped Fitness Studio.

If you have good flexibility, balance and strength you are guaranteed to be a more effective, secure and sensitive rider which any horse you ride will appreciate and respond to. What’s more you will notice that as you get you fitter your energy levels will increase and consequently you will feel great too!


A specially adapted Pilates course to address the elements of horse riding as well as everyday strength, flexibility and posture. Benefit from a free one to one goal setting and medical screening for 15 minutes with Amanda before commencement of the 6 week programme to ensure your expectations and goals of the course are met. E-mail Amanda on to book for the next course!


Yoga can benefit equestrians both physically and mentally. It improves flexibility and suppleness and helps the rider to centre and balance, whilst increasing core strength and stability. It develops concentration and focus, cultivating body awareness and teaching the rider how to relax. For more information and to book, please contact Annette Wiik on 07789 175 481 or


Using the principles of Alexander Technique on the Simulator develops your position in the saddle whilst in motion. With expert hands-on guidance, the rider develops effortless elegance in the saddle, whilst absorbing the horse’s movement fluently. For more information, visit


Physiotherapy and Pilates can help with all your horse riding and sports related injuries as well as injury prevention programmes and our resident Physio, who is also trained in a acupuncture (dry needling), is on hand to help. For more information and to book, visit


Throughout the week our Fitness Instructors are on hand to deliver a variety of Private Training Sessions at various times during the day.  You can choose from one of the specially designed EQUICISE FITNESS routines, EquiForm/EquiFit/EquiPro, Equestrian Pilates, Vinyasa Flow Yoga or Yin Yoga.

60 minute class sessions available 7 days a week including some weekday evenings. Personal training available by appointment. PLEASE EMAIL TO REGISTER YOUR INTEREST