Equicise horse simulator and fitness events in London
Events and activities for horse riders in London, Wimbledon
Horse riding events in London,
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  • 9. Relaxation

    In our last article (no 8), we talked about the need to be relaxed in order to achieve the independent seat that is a prerequisite for becoming the best rider you can be. This time we’ll discuss ways to help you remain relaxed even when......

  • horse riding simulator
    8. Learning Weight Aids

    In most of our previous articles, we have mentioned the importance of developing an independent seat, a prerequisite for becoming the best rider you can be. We have discussed how you can improve your upper and lower body position, become more balanced in the saddle......

  • 7. How to use a whip correctly

    Every rider who carries a whip, whether a short stick or schooling whip, should be aware that this additional aid is to be used only to reinforce the message sent to your horse by your legs and not as an alternative or as a punishment.......